Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Winter in Melbourne

Last week I had the pleasure of going to Melbourne for four nights. For anyone thinking of visiting, I really recommend it. It was my second time going to the city in the winter and while the wind is bitterly cold and shopping with layers of clothing on can be a bit of a hassle, I quite enjoy popping in to cosy cafes and enjoying a good cup of coffee and/or meal in between exploring the city streets. Plus, Melbourne is known for its excellent coffee, food, and shopping. What more could a tourist need? 

This time around I didn't get out of the CBD except for a quick visit to Brunswick, so I didn't see or do as much as I would have liked. However, I have made a mental note of a few favourite spots to go back to next time I'm there in December.

For a good breakfast, I like Hardware Société. I had the baked eggs which they are apparently known for. Luckily, we didn't have to wait for a table but a line quickly formed after we sat down. Manchester Press serves tasty bagels and good coffee. Also offering good coffee is Dukes Coffee Roasters.

For dinner, Mamasita served up a delicious Mexican fusion feast. My favourites were the chargrilled corn and the quinoa salad. This, however, is another place where you should expect a bit of a waitit seems to be quite popular, even at 10pm.

If you're into quirky boutiques, there are plenty in the laneways in the CBD and in Brunswick, just north of Melbourne. Chapel St is also good for shopping, but quite a few of the bigger stores or designer boutiques can also be found in the CBD. 

If you're in the city for the first time, I'd try to check out the street art on Hosier Lane, maybe after breakfast on Degraves St. Obvious points of interest are also the gallery and museum. Melbourne is bursting with culture and there is always a comedy show, concert, or play showing.

If you have any recommendations for my next visit to Melbourne, please let me know!

Last two images are from my Instagram @_carys