Friday, October 31, 2014

She's a Dreamer

Images from Russh Magazine. 1: "Sorry, no one's home" by Derek Henderson in July/August 2009. 2,5,7: "She's never coming back" by Will Davidson in October/November 2014. 3: "Alessandra" by Will Davidson in August/September 2010. 4: "Bunny ain't no kind of rider" by Will Davidson in June/July 2010. 6: "Babes" by Benny Horne in February/March 2011.

Never satisfied with the everyday, she longs to escape. Running away to unexplored territory where everything is hyper real. Her senses are heightened, the wind through her hair is thrilling and the sun warms not only her bare skin but all of her inside. She knows no worry. She has no limits. The world is hers to conquer. She's brave and bold but at the same time vulnerable. She's a dreamer.

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